CryptoSpaceship is a collection of 10,000 unique spaceship NFTs launched on multiple blockchains both Ethereum and Polygon. The first 1,680 spaceships will be listed with 0 ETH during the year 2021.

Unlike other 10k collectible projects, the project is inspired by various experiments for example the project lives in multiple blockchains, each spaceship has the same rarity score, etc. (the reason behind experiments will be revealed on the website). The spaceship is purely generated by a generative algorithm with curiosity. Imagine the blockchain is like the universe and NFT collectible is one of many experiments among the universe. The spaceship is represented as enthusiasm for exploration.

Having CryptoSpaceship in your wallet is not only owning pixel art style collectible and supporting us but also unleashing your curiosity. Ready to explore the galaxy together with us? For more details please visit CryptoSpaceship.org

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Project roadmap and timeline.

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The CryptoSpaceship was created by our curiosity in the NFT field in order to observe on questions as below (more questions will be listed later).

What will happen when the NFT project is launched in multiple blockchains parallelly?

NFT project usually launch in one blockchain especially in Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain is the first choice of the creator because of multiple reasons, such as: a huge number of collectors especially whale collectors, number of users in blockchain, mature blockchain, and strong community.

Result: TBA

Will the price of each blockchain affect each other?

What if the CryptoSpaceship price on Ethereum goes up, should CryptoSpaceship price on Polygon go up too?

Result: TBA

All spaceship has the same rarity score, will the price of each be the same?

Rarity is the main property that a lot of creators implement into their collections to create special items. The higher rarity score, the higher price due to a scarcity of it.

Result: TBA

Have you ever questioned these in the NFTs field?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This project is the NFT project led by many interesting experiments, the spaceship was algorithmically generated by code 100% with the same rarity score. 1,680 spaceships minted on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains on Opensea.io with price of 0 ETH.

There are only 10,000 CryptoSpaceships, which are limited.

CryptoSpaceship is conceptual art that expresses your curiosity by having it.

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No rarest in CryptoSpaceship, every spaceship has the same rarity score.

All spaceships are distributed as below;
  • 84% is distributed on OpenSea.io
  • 8% is reserved for marketing
  • 8% is reserved for team, family, and friend
The first 1,680 spaceships are listed on OpenSea/collection/CryptoSpaceship for 0 ETH (840 spaceships on Ethereum and 840 spaceships on Polygon blockchains).